It is quite evident that when a matter continues to remain in the form of a story for hundreds of years and there is no fresh example for its verification, most philosophically- minded persons will not accept such tales without strong evidence, particularly when such tales relate to phenomena which are considered contrary to reason in this age. That is why, with the passage of time, people with the philosophical bent of mind have been ridiculing such miracles, and they do not give them any credence at all. In this, they are quite justified because they feel in their heart of hearts that if God is unchanged, and His attributes are unchanged, and our need is also the same as before, and every soul is crying out for spiritual enlightenment, then why should revelation have ceased?

 The Need for an Imam

In this day and age with all these revolutions and evolutions taking place it’s hard for people to believe the revelation which occurred many years ago. In their mind it contradicts their logical reasoning and thus they deny the revelation of the Promised Messiah (as). They will not accept such tales without proper evidence and the evidence of this revelation occurred years ago, which allows them to say that such evidence has weakened because it’s merely what people witnessed and then told on. It’s like Chinese whispers to them; as you narrate the tale it loses its truth. But what they fail to realize is that this isn’t just a story, it’s the truthful occurrence of the event which the world has waited years and years for. That promised being has come and gone and the people are still waiting. They’re in denial because of their logical mind that isn’t able comprehend such miracles and instead they ridicule them. So if we all still have the same heart that craves spiritual enlightenment then why are we in denial of the truth?



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