Significance of prayer

When we are praying to God we shouldn’t just ask ourselves what we gained from regularly praying to him but instead what we have lost whilst doing so, such as our anger, our ego, greed, depression, insecurity, stress, fear and all such things. We shouldn’t be selfish when praying and lose hope because God is always doing something to amend our lives. Therefore, just because you don’t get what you asked for, don’t stop your prayers due to selfishness and disbelief; always have faith in Him.

When I pray to Allah I ask him to always keep me on the right path and in the company of good people. Recently, I have had a few friends walk out of my life and it doesn’t upset me because I have asked him to keep me in the company of good people thus that is for my best interest and proves that God Almighty is by my side. He listens to my prayers! I receive the reassurance that He is with me all the way.

We should always look on the brighter side of things. We should be patient and have trust in our God to control both our good things and bad.


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