National Peace Symposium 2016

The current terror attacks are not religious attacks and are not fought for defence but for economic reasons defaming Islam. There is no need to fear Islam as it doesn’t promote terrorism or extreme acts of violence. There is no need for for Islamophobia because our teachings are of peace, tolerance and mutual respect. Islam’s teachings are upholding values and protecting the honour and dignity and freedom of all people. But we are all aware that there are extremists and certain groups that are portraying  the worst acts in the name of Islam. Muslims are commanded to be kind, even to those who have not been sympathetic or kind to them in anyway. Muslims are taught to love all humanity the way a mother loves a child. These are the teachings of Islam. Allah Almighty has said those who love him will adopt such attributes. Therefore, it is impossible for a true Muslim to be cruel and impossible for Islam to permit any injustice, violence or extremism. If the world heeds the message of peace and manifest justice and efforts are made to restrict the supply line of terrorism I believe that the network of terrorism tormenting the world can be destroyed.

Peace Symposium 2016 on YouTube


One thought on “National Peace Symposium 2016

  1. I truly wish that people could open their eyes and give each a benefit of doubt at least in order to try and see the good in others.
    Once that happens, we know that they will see the true meaning of Islam; peace and obedience.

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