Religious Prejudice

Asad Shah, an Ahmadi Muslim living in Glasgow, was brutally murdered on the basis of religious prejudice by a Muslim man after he posted a message on Facebook which consisted of a heartfelt “Happy Easter” message to his “beloved Christian nation”.

Asad Shah was the owner of the local newsagent in his community and a respected man of his society. He was known for being a great Muslim – promoting peace – and had spoken out against violence previously, saying there should be “unconditional real love for all mankind”.

His brutal murder came as a shock to everyone who knew him and lived in the vicinity. They were dumbfounded at the fact that someone would act so cruelly against such a peace loving and kind man.

Those interviewed said, “He was an amazing, wonderful man, he couldn’t do enough for you. He wouldn’t hurt anybody. Nobody in Shawlands would have a bad word to say about him. I can’t believe he’s gone,” and he was described by everyone as “a humble, sweet person”.

A vigil was organised to remember Asad Shah and a fundraiser has also been set up to help his family, which raised over £5,000 within six hours of being set up.

From this, we not only learn the extent of religious prejudice within one’s own religion but also that there is still kindness and compassion in the world and all that we can do as fellow humans living on this earth is pray for ourselves, one another and humanity.


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