Put that phone down

Scrolling through Instagram I came across this picture and it hit me just how accurate it is. We seem to always be on our phones and have some type of pull towards it. Bored? Let me go on my phone. Travelling? Let me go on my phone. Advert on telly? Let me go on my phone. They seem to dictate our lives, which is quite worrying.

Social media and online image have only become a massive issue due to the rise of use of phones with people posting daily on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter to keep their follower count up. This is absurd; just live your life and enjoy the present instead of informing everyone online of your every action. Soon we will be doing everything through our phones, not finding the need to leave the comfort of our homes, talking to friends online and shopping too. We mustn’t let this happen; decrease the dependency you have on your phone. Curb your addiction. Here are some ways you can do just that:

  1. Keep a physical diary in which you can keep notes, reminders, important dates and contact details.
  2. Make physical to-do lists which are also much more satisfying!
  3. Try and keep the first 30 minutes of your day phone free; start the day positively.
  4. Create a no phone time in your day to decrease the time you spend on it.
  5. Turn your phone off once you get in your car or meet up with someone to avoid reaching for it.

Have a go at these tips and see if you can control your phone time.


One thought on “Put that phone down

  1. So accurate!
    In order to decrease my own addiction, I have recently started charging my phone in the mornings and so while my phone is charging upstairs, I can go down stairs to eat and do other things without getting distracted.

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