Terror attacks in the Media

In today’s world there are constant terror attacks happening all over the world. Some are highly covered in the news while others are ignored or largely trivialized. Countries like Syria, Turkey, Nigeria, Tanzania and many more face terror attacks almost every day but we hardly hear about this or see the deaths as a flashing number on a running strip along the bottom of a news screen. Then there are terror attacks in Europe or the western world and hashtags are created, there a constant live updates and the world prays.
The point of this post is to highlight that one race or country’s deaths are just as important as any other. All I wish to convey is that one country’s deaths are sometimes considered “not as bad” as it has sadly become a norm in that country for children to be orphaned or for parents to become childless. It is not unusual for families to be ripped apart or whole lineages ended because of terrorists. And deaths in another country – such as the recent Brussels and Paris attacks – are “worse” and “more devastating” because it is unusual for these secure and first world countries to be attacked like this, for France and Belgium – where people are seeking refuge – to be torn apart.

One death in Africa or Asia should be as catastrophic as a death in Europe or North America and neither trivialized nor highlighted more or less than another.


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