Homeschooling is becoming more of a common occurrence with many parents opting for this due to a variety of reasons including:

  • Not agreeing with the social environments at school.
  • Wanting to educate their children according to their faith.
  • Their child has been bullied at school.
  • Their child has medical issues.

Home-schooling is a way for parents to better cater to their child’s individual needs and to get a better handle on what it is they learn on a day to day basis enabling them to help them in their educational pursuits also.

Many home-schooled children make friends through clubs out of school, joining guides or scouts and societies. This ensures they continue to socialise and interact with children their own age, helping them develop as people.

There are many resources available online for parents who wish to home-school their children including printable worksheets and timetables. However, the government may intervene on a local level and argue that the child must return to school if they feel the child is not being properly taught at home.

What are your opinions on home-schooling? Do you think it will be more widely seen as an option in the future?


    2 thoughts on “Home-schooling

    1. I think there are pros and cons for both being home or school taught. Obviously some children have extenuating circumstances for which they need to be educated at home.

      For other children who don’t have those issues, it could still be beneficial such as children whose parents travel or those who want to give their children an alternative education that does not follow the national curriculum. As long as they are taught all the basic skills and subjects as school taught children and are able to socialise with children their own age, there’s nothing home taught children can’t do.

      Of course, receiving an education at a school is considered to be the ‘normal’ thing to do but home taught children can lead amazing lives too.

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    2. I think it definitely has its pros and cons.
      One has to consider that home schooling is most efficient when the environment of the house is appropriate. A child needs to be able to get their work completed and enjoy learning in the environment provided. This could save them time and more free time to do further, private study, join clubs, do more activities and spend more quality time with parents.
      However, there are certain things that one learns by interacting with people and that time may be reduced as the only social be they would get would be when they are doing further activities and in the clubs they have joined.
      So, this is something that needs to be looked into much detail as it could affect the child a lot psychologically as we tend to spend most of the day at school rather than at home.


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