Exercises I love… ♥

I’d like to share some exercises that are my favourite and really worked for me.

So starting with the upper body, lifting weight is crucial. It helps with the excessive arm fat and chest. Pumping weights into the air and then once you’re comfortable enough, incorporating them with other exercises such as squats, crunches, lunges and so on.

For my stomach I absolutely love doing crunches. Stiffening your stomach, hold it tight, breathe in, lift and breathe out. Repeat without touching your upper body back on the floor. Increase your reps by 5 each time. There are loads of different ways of doing crunches so they don’t get repetitive, try them out. I also really enjoy leg raises, they really burn.

For my hips and buttocks as you all know with the current hype, squats! They are key to forming that area of your body. But don’t let it get too boring and easy. Add weights into the mix, do sumo squats, squat with resistance bands, frog squats and so much more. Never let your exercises become easy, the pain and difficultly shows its working and genuinely keeps you going.

For your legs, lifting weight and squats already help. But lunges are also great. Standing calf raise are the best to form your calves and they are an essential part of your legs. It isn’t just about losing excess fat; it’s about having a great shape. Standing calf raise help shape your legs and the burn again, is great.

Other exercises for the overall body I enjoy and recommend because they worked for me are press up position and planks. Also going from the press up position into a plank and back and repeating that is a great workout. It helps work on your stomach, your arms, and legs.


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