How I use technology to sleep better

Those nights where I just can’t sleep I grab my phone and do a few things to help me doze off.

News- I go through the headlines using my iPhone ‘News’ app which has all the papers from all news agencies in one application, so it’s more convenient for me. Sometimes I use my screen reader to read me the content which helps me as I don’t have to stress my eyes too much.

White noise- I use this app called ‘relax oriental’ which has smoothing sound tracks to help you fall asleep. I use this quite often to block out noise e.g. my brother snoring downstairs, foxes on my street and so on. It really works for me and I do love using it. It also allows you to set an alarm for the noise to turn off, so you won’t wake up in the middle of the night to smoothing sound tracks.

Messages and emails- Sometimes I use that time to reply to emails and messages I didn’t get around to viewing or replying during the day.

IBook’s- I make use of iBook’s, I have saved a lot of academic articles, journal articles, PDF files and even online magazines  which I read to help me feel sleepy.

Sleep Cycle alarm clock- which is an application that monitors your sleep and wakes you up in your lightest sleeping phase rather than usual alarms which just go off. With this application you are likely to feel more awake and fresh and not be a dreadful morning person (the old me).

Hope these tips help! Drop below things you do and I’d love to try some of them myself.


One thought on “How I use technology to sleep better

  1. Wow those are a lot of new way that I will give a try.
    I also tend to do a bit of reading on my phone.
    However, research shows that the light given off by technological devices has shown that it reduces sleep. Also, thinking of the day’s events and organising my activities for the next day in my head tend to help too.


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