Home Remedies

I have been extremely ill for the past couple of days but gradually get better, Alhumdolillah, so I thought why not show you what type of home remedies I’ve used to make me better.

High temperature – if you have a high temperature then make sure at night you cover yourself up nice and warm (doesn’t matter if it’s hot) with a jumper and a hat, if you have one, or a scarf will do too. Wrap it round tour head, apply Vix Vapour rub on your nose, forehead, throat, and chest and go to sleep. Hopefully you’ll feel much better in the morning.

Flu/Cold/Hayfever – obviously if you’ve been prescribed medicine then that’s good. But still, have lots of oranges and fresh orange juice because that will give you Vitamin C which helps fight the cold. Also, as mentioned in the previous remedy, wrap yourself up!

Sore Throat/Cough – Cough syrups and cough sweet are obvious ones. But other than that, atleast 2 to 3 times a day get a tablespoon grate a tiny bit of ginger and squeeze the juice out of the grated ginger on to the spoon, add a bit of honey to fill the spoon, mix together and add 2 drops of lemon, and now eat it! You’ll feel much better. Another thing you can do is gargle with warm water and salt, this helps cleanse your throat! Warm water and honey does the job too😃😃

Ear ache – Well I also had a terrible ear ache and my mum helped me soothe it down a bit. She got a tablespoon (again) and poured some mustard oil and heated it up on the stove for 15-20 seconds, then she got a cotton pad and dipped it into the oil so ththat it sucked up all the oil and then squeezed it into my ear (make sure it’s not too hot otherwise you will burn your ear!!) and let it soak in and then stuffed the cotton pad in my ear.. when I woke up the next day my pain lessened!!

I hope you’ll take into account some of these remedies, but please do consult your doctor if it’s anything serious! Take carree😊😊


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