Narcolepsy (part 13)

… continued from previous tweleve articles on narcolepsy, where in the recent one ways on how narcolepsy can be controlled by a narcoleptic as well as the family members were mentioned.

However, the main concern now will be on arguing whether narcoleptics can lead a normal life or not.

In this week’s article, I will argue for narcoleptics leading a normal life.

Argument for narcoleptics leading a normal life:

Narcoleptic sufferers can very well lead a normal life as this sleep disorder can be treated with medication or a monitored diet, a properly followed sleeping schedule and regulated naps. This does not hinder their performance in school or sports as being intelligent or not does not have any relation to having narcolepsy. In fact, most children with narcolepsy tend to be rather hyper-active in their childhood thus making this attitude ideal for playing lots of different games and achieving various skills which will later on allow them to build better relations with people. The skills one may obtain vary from different activities as group sports. For example, when playing team games, one is able to get along with numerous people, having confidence when meeting new people as well as having good sportsmanship and many more useful skills.


By gaining these skills, not only will they be benefiting socially as well as jobwise, but also, they will suffer less from cataplectic attacks. For example, if one is a shy individual, then putting them in clubs and activities with new people will be valuable as they will get over their fears, nerves of meeting new people and therefore not suffer from as many attacks when being put on the spot, being in an unfamiliar environment or becoming social with unfamiliar individuals.


Another reason for being able to lead a normal life is that their school performance will not be influenced as this does not affect their ability to work with numbers or letters.

The quality of life of a narcoleptic person is not hindered as they can complete all the normal tasks, a normal person can. For example, they can take care of themselves by independently being able to cook for and by themselves, work, walk, go shopping, manage household tasks etc.


To be continued…


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