Narcolepsy (part 14)

… continued from previous thirteen articles on narcolepsy, where in the recent one ways on how narcolepsy can be controlled by a narcoleptic as well as the family members were mentioned.

However, the main concern now will be on arguing whether narcoleptics can lead a normal life or not.

In this week’s article, I will argue against narcoleptics leading a normal life.

Argument against narcoleptics leading a normal life:

Narcoleptic sufferers cannot lead a normal life as they cannot concentrate properly due to their upset sleep pattern. Their education will be hindered due to lack of concentration thus leading to poor performance as they will not be able to take in and retain important information for tests. Fatigue is another factor which contributes to poor performance in sports as they will be too tired to give their best performance.

Also, what if due to cataplexy they suddenly lose their balance or fall asleep and fall. This could be very serious and dangerous depending on each situation. For example, if swimming one can drown, if running one can sprain ankles or break bones even.

Furthermore, if one falls asleep during class time then they will not be able to learn and do well in exams and achieve good grades or reach their full potential which would then build a bright future for them, so this also hinders their future. If one falls asleep during an exam then their result will be affected meaning that it will be invalid. Perhaps by getting an invigilator to write the exam for you could solve the problem, however if you still fall asleep, while telling them what to write, then what? Therefore falling asleep at the wrong time will still remain a problem as, in relation to sports, one cannot get some to finish a race for them, so how will they compete in a race?

To be continued…


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