Narcolepsy (part 15)

… continued from previous fourrteen articles on narcolepsy, where the previous two had arguments for and agaisnt whether narcoleptics can lead a normal life or not.

In this week’s article, I will conclude whether narcoleptics can lead a normal life or not and what can do about the treatements available for narcolepsy.


After evaluating all the arguments I can say that I think that narcoleptic sufferers cannot lead a normal life as there are too many problems for them to overcome. Even if one takes medication, manages their diet and sleep cycle, it is still restricting. For example, some narcoleptic people could run a business from home, which would help their condition but a normal person would not want to stay at home all the time unless they had some medical condition or other reasons etc. It is in human nature to get bored, try new things and lead a new and exciting life, so I think that they can overcome some of their problem but not enough to lead a normal life. In relation to this I believe, we as a community, must come together and find a solution to help ease the lives of narcoleptic sufferers and find a cure by raising awareness of charities that support narcoleptic sufferers, this is vital as it will add to them leading a normal life.

Furthermore, another ethical issue that rises is whether the resources and money we have should be spent on researching treatments for conditions that affect such a small population or other more popular, common and dangerous illnesses such as cancer? I believe that it would be unfair to completely dismiss the small amount of population. Also, just because cancer is more common and can be fatal, doesn’t mean that we should give it more importance as there are so many different types of cancers some are so rare that they fall into the category of conditions that affect a small population, yet, there are funds to research and provide treatment for them, so why not provide funds for the other illnesses such as narcolepsy that affect a smaller population?

Lastly, charities that are set up to offer support should also have regular campaigns to raise money for treatment and research which would then mean that the government wouldn’t need to fund the research as much and put that money to other use.

This is a very debateable topic which seems immune to mutual agreement; therefore, it’s imperative that the government come together and should invest as a whole to research to find a cure/ treatment. Research should be put in to find treatment that consists of natural or herbal remedies which I think would eliminate the nasty side effects and cost problems too.


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