A day for a Muslim in London

With the current situations that keep evolving regarding Islam leading to islamophobia has impacted many Muslims.

I personally don’t let it impact me but I can’t completely deny the change I have felt and witnessed. I don’t wear Islamic attire per se but I do grace a hijab (headscarf) with modest clothing. Travelling amongst the London commuters feels absolutely normal until you witness a glare, another and then another. You begin to feel uncomfortable and unwelcomed. You can sense these aren’t normal stares, there’s more to it. You see yourself being observed by both genders. I personally have been seeing an increase in females staring at me. You feel like people are avoiding sitting next to you. It’s like they are fearful or disgusted by you.

There have been times I have felt this way in professional places, being interviewed, serving customers and networking events. In my daily doings I do feel this way and I have seen the change amongst people towards our race and religion. It makes me self-conscience at times where I begin to think that there is something on my face, I’m wearing something odd. Thoughts just race through my head and I reach a quick point where I don’t care about those stares. I zone out and that’s the best way. I know I’m nothing to be feared that’s why I am able to not let it affect me. Yes, it bothers me at times for a few seconds but I am not dangerous, I am not an extremist and I am not a terrorist.


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